Medellin, Colombia

Peter Hudson

The city of Medellin, Colombia is where I call home, and I must say, I am privileged to be able to call it home. A lot of people might think to say that sounds weird, as for the most part Colombia is known for drugs, violence, kidnappings and coffee. While a lot of that is still a part of Colombia, especially here in Medellin where Pablo Escobar ran his drug empire, Colombia has made a big shift over the years. This shift has opened up doors to new, more remote areas in Colombia for the Gospel as well has in many of the marginal neighborhoods in the major metropolitan areas. I am a missionary with ABWE (Association of Baptist for World Evangelism) and work with a Colombian pastor, Javier Ruiz. Javier moved his family from Bogota to Medellin in 2013 and I moved to Colombia in 2014. Our goal is to depend on God, find ways to get involved in the community, build relationships, start Bible studies, see new churches get started, disciple believers to become mature Christians to serve in the local church and to see the church send out Colombians to other parts of Colombia and the world. I mainly am focused in on being an assistant to Javier and making contacts and building relationships with the youth of Medellin to be able to share Jesus with them and their families. There are a lot of challenges in working with the youth here as there are so many influences, for better or for worse, speaking into their lives, but also a lot of fun and excitement. God is definitely at work in Medellin and I am thrilled that I can have a small part of it.