Dan Frank

    I was born in Seattle, but grew up in several locations in Washington and Idaho.  I learned early what it meant to be a follower of Jesus and how to fake being one.  In eighth grade I began reading through the Bible, motivated by a jab my science teacher made about Christians.  God used those times of reading and a few influential people to change my life. I began seeking His work in my life through Jesus. As God worked, I looked for ways to grow.  

    In college, I volunteered to serve in a variety of youth ministries from camps to missions trips and weekly Bible studies.  I ended up getting a degree from Moody Bible Institute, and on November 6, 1995 accepted the invitation to serve as youth pastor at Whitney Baptist Boise.  At Moody, I also met my wife Rebekah. God has blessed us with three children who bring us crazy joy.  We have been humbled to serve side by side with some amazing people, seeing God transform our lives together.  

    After five years in ministry at Whitney, the church sent us to seminary at Corban University.  In 2012, I became the senior pastor at Whitney. 



    Growing up, we rarely attended church, but that didn’t hinder God’s call on my life. At the age of eleven I was invited to a youth camp where for the first time I heard of the forgiveness of sin that Jesus Christ could give me out of His sacrificial love. Little did I know that “He had begun a good work” in me. But it wasn’t until I was nineteen that I began attending church and from there God began calling me to a dedicated life, leading me to Shasta Bible College and that journey continues, to His glory. Understanding the love of God and finding forgiveness for my sins through Jesus and the cross and finding hope in the Resurrection is my source for joy and peace.

    Jeanne has been by my side now for forty plus years, with three married children and ten grandchildren. I've logged some twenty years in the supermarket industry and as many in full time service for the Lord. We've found that God has used the diversity of experience to His glory. We call Whitney one of God's great gifts to us. In the culmination of things, God has planted us alongside some of the most precious people of God.