Everything starts with God and our relationship with Him. We like to be clear about the way we view God and the way we view ourselves. If you are unclear about your standing with God, or have a different view of what the Bible teaches, we encourage you to set up a meeting with our leaders. One of our favorite things to do is talk about the message of the Bible and how God has changed our lives...more

One of the steps a new Christian takes is to be baptized. Jesus Himself was baptized, and He called those who responded to His Gospel message to do the same. Baptism is an opportunity to share this great work God has done in our lives with the church and our family and friends...more

While church membership is not necessary for salvation, it is a practical way for us to live out the principles we find in the New Testament. Through membership we make a commitment to the Lord and to each other.  Our desire is to glorify God together by loving, serving, and strengthening each other in our faith...more