Our children's ministry exists to create environments where they will establish a foundation of faith that encourages each of them to share the hope of Jesus Christ through their love for Him and others.

We work hard to make our nursery a warm, clean, and safe place for your child. There will always be AT LEAST two staff in each classroom.  All staff are qualified according to our Children's Ministry Safety Policy.


2-3 years

4 years- Kindergarten

1st-3rd Grade

4th-6th Grade

In our Discovery Classes, the children will have play time, sing together, listen to a lesson, do a craft about the lesson, and have a snack.  


0-23 months

In our Nursery room, babies sleep, play, and have a snack if parents approve.  We have a separate, small room with pack and plays, a noise maker, and rocking chair for sleepy babies and moms who need to nurse. In the big room, there are age appropriate toys, books, and helpers to play with. No matter how many babies, there will always be two staff in the room. 


AWANA reaches young people for Christ through fun and Scripture rich experiences that lead them to know, love and serve Him.  AWANA provides stability for young people by meeting their needs of love, acceptance, belongingness, achievement and recognition.

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